Customer Service Call Centers

Customer Service Call Centers

At Performatel, we offer top-notch call center solutions for some of the world's largest multinationals and fortune 500 businesses. We run the most efficient customer service call centers with a skilled staff team.

What is BPO, and how does it work?

Business process outsourcing is the practice of delegating or contracting certain business functions or work processes to an outside company. Some of the commonly outsourced business functions include payroll, social media marketing, reputation management, customer support, human resources, etc. BPO firms usually specialize in offering supplementary business functions, which can be either technical or nontechnical.

Businesses of all scales choose to outsource part of their business processes to meet the evergrowing demand and to cater to a larger demographic. BPO services empower businesses by delighting its customers with the best service, product/service quality, and timely response. Companies can use BPO services to its advantage to cut through the competition and to reduce expenditures.

Points to consider before choosing a BPO partner

It can be challenging to choose the right vendor for your outsourcing needs. Here's a handful of vital aspects to consider before hiring a BPO service provider:

  • Define requirements: Be clear with what areas of your business you'd like to outsource and the services you require from a BPO provider. Once you are clear with your requirements, start sourcing for potential vendors with the highest skill level, and experience.
  • Negotiate the contract: Once you have shortlisted a vendor, negotiate the terms of the contract with them, and make sure that they are willing to offer your requirements to precision without going overboard on the cost.
  • Manage relationship: Make sure to monitor the BPO's performance and quality constantly. Appoint responsible people to manage and control BPO relations exclusively.

The key to a productive and successful working relationship with a BPO provider is to research the market thoroughly beforehand. Make sure to renew or renegotiate contract terms with your BPO provider from time to time, to ensure that their services are in consistence to your business requirements.

Advantages of outsourcing customer support

Customer support is one of the major business functions that paves the path for a business’s long term growth and profitability. By outsourcing customer support, your business has more time and people to concentrate on other core business functions.

By outsourcing customer support, you no longer have to worry about spending on hiring and training new employees or on setting up a whole new department. This can significantly reduce operating costs and allow you to use the money on other areas of your business. Lastly, by outsourcing customer support, your customers enjoy timely assistance without having to wait long call queues, and by getting instant resolution for their queries. This improves brand credibility and loyalty among current and prospective customers.

Get in touch with Performatel today for more details on our customer service call centers. We offer Multilanguage service at affordable rates without compromising on quality.

Customer Service Call Centers
Customer Service Call Centers
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