Failover Internet Connection

Failover Internet Connection

Any number of unforeseen disasters such as power outages, bad weather, over-utilization, you name it can cause a network outage. For these and other causes, no single connection can actually present a 99.99 percent uptime. If your company has a single-threaded network, you'll ever be putting a lot on the line, should your system go down. When your primary WAN connection fails, you require a backup internet connection. This makes sure traffic is automatically re-routed to a secondary link.

At American IT Partners, we strive to provide our clients with second to none failover internet connection solutions. This helps prevent a carrier outage, natural disaster, human error, or other factors from taking your connection down and leaving you stranded without your cloud-based applications leading to unhappy customers, forfeited sales, and even lost information.

FAQs About Internet Failover and Our Services

The following are frequently asked questions about internet failover and our services.

What is Internet Failover?

Internet failover is an operational system that automatically switches all connected devices to a backup connection source when the primary source has failed. When using our failover system, the backup router will link your devices to a fully functioning network. The data automatically switches over from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE, preventing you from losing the signal.

What is ISP Failover?

ISP failover means that when the primary connection is down, the secondary link takes over. At American IT Partners, we deliver the ultimate reliable and secure secondary internet failover system that instantly comes live in case of slow speeds or no internet connection.

How Do You Set Up A Failover Network?

At American IT Partners, we provide the best of both primary and secondary internet connectivity for your business connections at competitive rates. We consider secondary internet connectivity, typically a 4G LTE connection, as the ideal internet failover network solution. Being non-cabled, it's the perfect failover network option for businesses that use wired connections as their primary connection method.

We then synchronize the connectivity methods to ensure the secondary internet connection automatically switches on when the primary internet connection fails. We then test our internet failover solution to make sure it works optimally before it goes live. With us, you’ll have a successful internet failover system in place.

Why is My Network Not Connecting to The Internet?

You may fail to connect to the internet because your primary WAN connection has failed or is down due to unforeseen causes such as power outage or lousy weather, which may lead to loss of data and inconveniences at work.

At American IT Partners, we aim to prevent this from happening by installing our unbeaten internet failover solution that goes live immediately the primary internet experiences downtime hence securing your data and ensuring zero internet outages.

What is Backup Internet Connection?

For most of our clients here at American IT Partners, a fast and reliable internet connection is either vastly important or vitally important to their business operations. Almost no one can afford the service slowdowns, let alone outages that occur far too often, even with business-grade service offerings from the major ISPs. That's why we recommend businesses to use our premier backup internet connection service that kicks in when your primary ISP connection is either down or slow.

Best in Class Internet Failover Solutions

Is your business currently experiencing slow, unreliable, and frequent internet outages? This can expose you to the risks of customer complaints, lost revenue, and reduced productivity. In addition, the nightmare scenario for many businesses, any outage carries with it the potential for data exposure or loss. We can help with our top of the line failover internet connection solutions. Contact American IT Partners for a free consultation today at +1 (888) 305-2123.

Failover Internet Connection
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