Managed Wifi Network

Managed Wifi Network

A managed WiFi network is an outsourced wireless network that allows people to connect to the internet via multiple access points throughout a building. At American IT Partners, we offer the best-managed WiFi network services for your business, thus ensuring you stay connected and secure while saving time and money. If you need the best-managed WiFi network services, we got you covered. With our services, you will be able to focus on running your business and forget about the problems and frustrations that come with internet outages.

FAQs About Our Managed WiFi Network Services

As a business owner, considering managed IT services, you may have questions about what these services are and how they improve your business. Here are some FAQs about our managed WiFi network services.

What is Managed WiFi?

WiFi is a network that allows people to connect to the internet via multiple access points throughout a building. If you are looking for managed WiFi services for your business, we can help. We offer various managed IT services, including managed WiFi networks. We also remotely help clients diagnose and fix issues they may have with their WiFi.

What is Cloud Managed WiFi?

Cloud-managed WiFi services provide the ability to manage WiFi as a cloud-based service, which means managing, controlling, and conducting business remotely. This will enable your business to save money, boost productivity while enhancing your network security. Data sharing is also made more accessible, and your email security is optimized.

How Do I Remove A Network From My WiFi?

You can either get a new WiFi password or opt for something more secure, like using WPA or WPA2 encryption to encrypt your network traffic. That way, there will be no unauthorized access to your internet connection.

What are the Benefits of Managed WiFi?

Our managed WiFi services will make it easy for you to add devices to your network. We can quickly help you locate or reset forgotten WiFi passwords. In addition, we can promptly diagnose interference within your system and troubleshoot slow WiFi speeds on your devices.

How Do I Manage Devices Connected to My WiFi?

To view devices connected to your WiFi, simply go to home manager, choose networks, select connected devices, and only devices connected to your network will show. If you need any help with managing the devices connected to your WiFi, you can always contact our friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable service desk.

Manage WiFi vs. WiFi As A Service: What is The Difference?

Managed WiFi is a category managed service that provides businesses with all the essential professional services on an outsourced basis to achieve their objectives. WiFi as a service, on the other hand, is where WiFi services are offered on a subscription basis for which you pay after an agreed period.

Why Choose WiFi as A Service?

WiFi services from a reputable company like ours are predictable and reliable. This prevents any disruptions that may directly impact operations, productivity and lead to customer complaints. Choosing WiFi as a service is ideal because it has automated troubleshooting and monitoring services, which would have traditionally involved the help of IT staff.

Unexcelled Managed IT Networking Services

If you are looking for a premier managed WiFi network for your business, we got you. At American IT, we provide superior quality managed IT services to our clients. Contact American IT Partners today for a free consultation on +1 (888) 305-2123.

Managed Wifi Network
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