Small Business Networking and Security

Small Business Networking and Security

A lot of small businesses believe that cybersecurity only affects bigger organizations. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A survey by Poneman revealed that more than 50 percent of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees were victims of cyberattacks in 2016. In addition, it’s estimated that cybercrimes damages could soar to a figure of $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Failing to plan and implement required security measures to protect your business from future attacks makes you an easy target. It is, therefore, vital to ensure and enforce small business networking and security. You need guidance on how to secure your networks and what kinds of risks to look out for when planning for security. At American IT, we provide managed security to make sure your business remains connected and secure from cyber threats.

Guide on How to Make Small Business Network Security Safe

When it comes to cybersecurity, as with everything, it’s always better to find ways to prevent an impending problem. Thus, implementing a strategy to address future threats will ensure the protection of your business and customers' private and confidential information and minimize any damage that may occur. Below is a small business guide to network security for data and systems protection.

  • Update Passwords Frequently

An important measure in tightening your network security is to update passwords regularly. That said, if you encourage your employees to update their passwords way too often, they may run out of ideas and, as a result, use weak passwords. As our network security tips for small businesses, changing passwords two or three times annually should be enough. But this shouldn’t hold if any staff member has a weak password or you suspect a password has been compromised.

  • Install an Anti-virus Program

When planning to safeguard your business data and other assets, the anti-virus feature must be on your small business network security checklist. American IT provides you with anti-malware software that enhances your security and monitors and double-checks internet links. An anti-virus will analyze all your files for malicious activities before you or your employees open them.

  • Educate Your Staff on Security Best Practices

Besides taking advantage of our managed security, it's imperative to ensure your employees know about potential threats. The fact is, having intricate security protocols in place won't do much if your staff is unaware of possible risks. Teaching your employees security best practices is a great place to start to prevent an impending cyber attack.

  • Conduct A Network Audit

As one of your front-line defenses, it's critical to know your weaknesses. As such, perform a thorough network audit. The audit aims to point out and assess open ports, potential security vulnerabilities, firewall strength, and the overall health of your apps, software, and servers. At the end of the audit, you should have a detailed report to review with your IT team and us to make improvements. This is one way on how to make small business network security safe. Further, we will conduct our own comprehensive assessment with elaborate maps of possible areas of vulnerability.

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You would be amazed at how much your business would benefit from a properly implemented network security function. At American IT, we’ll help you enhance small business networking and security in your business. Contact American IT Partners today for a free consultation on +1 (888) 305-2123.

Small Business Networking and Security
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